Ensure Unbiased Production Data

Collect, assess and leverage real-time unbiased production data. Make your manufacturing data more reliable for clear and precise assessments.


Avoid Bias is Data Analysis

Put the right system in place to avoid the analysis of biased production data. Get access to shop floor production data that is accurate, timely, and unbiased. Make data-driven decisions using accurate data and enhance the production process.


Real-Time Unbiased Datas

Access real-time unbiased data to predict and define performance trends and identify techniques or strategies to optimise productivity. Make accurate predictions related to production and optimise overall performance.

Live Monitoring

Live production monitoring and data analysis help teams discover and address problems in real-time. See the current status of machines, whether their production schedule is up to date or not and monitor production performance and asset health.


Janus - The Perfect Industry 4.0 Smart Solution

Transform your shop floor with Janus - Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing solution. Keep a closer eye on operations. Closely monitor equipment and production lines, detect failures, avoid downtime and increase efficiency. Janus is the smart solution for overall asset management, preventive and predictive maintenance, OEE, real-time data analytics and much more.

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Janus gathers real-time production-related data and gives an in-depth analysis. Monitor and analyse overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and drive continuous improvement.