Predictive Maintenance - Optimise Productivity

Monitor equipment efficiency and health, identify methods to avoid failures during future operations. Ease overall equipment management and gain multiple benefits.

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Improve Response Time with Real-Time Alerts

Get alerts faster and address the issues in no time! Gain insights from sensors and the real-time status of machines, evaluate the machine’s historical data, predict and define performance trends and identify techniques or strategies to optimise productivity.


Conveniently Schedule Corrective Maintenance

Perform maintenance tasks to repair and rectify faulty systems and tools in manufacturing processes. Restore systems and tools that cause hindrance in the production workflow. Identify issues, address the root cause and implement strategies to correct them and schedule maintenance tasks regularly for the future.

Just In Time Manufacturing

Produce goods as needed and minimise the time, labour, and materials used in a manufacturing process. Streamline overall manufacturing or production processes and gain advantages in shopfloor using Janus - the smart solution for manufacturing. Eliminate unwanted waste in the manufacturing process and encourage an environment of continuous improvement.


Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Use our Smart solution to identify issues related to production and machine health and avoid them before they interrupt the production process. Janus integrated with smart sensor nodes to monitor, process data and detect anomalies. Predictive maintenance occurs as needed, whereas preventive maintenance occurs as per the preset schedule. Monitor preventive and predictive maintenance using a cost-saving smart solution.

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Janus gathers real-time production-related data and gives an in-depth analysis. Monitor and analyse overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and drive continuous improvement.

Janus - The Perfect Industry 4.0 Smart Solution

Transform your shop floor with Janus - Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing solution. Keep a closer eye on operations. Closely monitor equipment and production lines, detect failures, avoid downtime and increase efficiency. Janus is the smart solution for overall asset management, preventive and predictive maintenance, OEE, real-time data analytics and much more.