Janus Data Capture Videos

Transform your shop floor and improve production efficiency using Janus the Industry 4.0 smart solution.

Automated Shopfloor Data Capture | Janus| TRP Sealing Systems

Customer Testimonial: Hear from TRP Sealing Systems how Janus Data Capture helped gain complete control over shopfloor & manufacturing operations.

Growing Popularity of Industry 4.0:LTS Smart Factory Solutions

Learn about the wide range of LTS Smart Factory solutions that help businesses apply a “Bite-Size” approach to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

Boosting Plant Efficiency: Data Capture & Tcard Integration

Get ready to experience a new level of efficiency on Shopfloor with seamless integration of the Janus Shopfloor Datacapture system and Digital TCards.

Understanding Janus Automated Shopfloor Data Capture System

Janus Data Capture automates your shop floor data collection in real time and helps manufacturers maximise production efficiency and increase profits.