Monitor & Maintain Machine Health

Monitoring equipment health is crucial in manufacturing. Improve reliability of machines by removing any kind of anomalies. Send real-time alerts when a change is detected using a machine health monitoring system.

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Increase Uptime and Revenue

Properly maintain and calibrate machines for continuous improvement. Increase uptime and revenue by implementing the right machine condition-based monitoring tools and techniques. Monitor specific conditions in machines (such as temperature, vibration etc) and identify changes that indicate a fault.

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Monitor OEE

Calculate overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and maximise production. Indicate how efficient the manufacturing process is by analysing asset availability, asset performance, and production quality. Optimise components that are not up to standard.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Effectively monitor asset/machine condition and health over a period of time. Identify defects and their root cause that hinder production and implement strategies to avoid recurrence of these defects. Reduce downtime, boost productivity, increase efficiency and make accurate predictions related to production.


Janus - The Perfect Industry 4.0 Smart Solution

Transform your shop floor with Janus - Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing solution. Keep a closer eye on operations. Closely monitor equipment and production lines, detect failures, avoid downtime and increase efficiency. Janus is the smart solution for overall asset management, preventive and predictive maintenance, OEE, real-time data analytics and much more.

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Janus gathers real-time production-related data and gives an in-depth analysis. Monitor and analyse overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and drive continuous improvement.